The details behind the fun

Social Press Offerings

Social Press is a Photo Booth with flexible customized offerings that meet the needs of marketing companies, small backyard parties, weddings, and large corporate events.

Booth Options- We provide the traditional features of a still photo booth with social media, marketing, data collection.

Gif…What can we say about fun! This feature takes multiple pictures, puts them in a photo frame and creates an animated experience for your guests to share on social media. (Can you say boomerang!)

Burst gif is a burst of photos stitched together to create a mini video that is then played forward and backwards to create an awesome experience that can be shared with friends and family.

Shared Images
  • Corporate

  • Weddings

  • Events

Social Exposure

Social Press offers branding options like image emails, micro sites, text messages and twitter.

All our Micro Sites support a live stream so you can watch your photos appear live on your branded page as they are uploaded. .

Branding & Analytics

We offered multiple branding opportunities from image emails, micro sites, text messages and twitter messages. In addition, we are able to provide data capture and event analytics. This can be used to create competitions to generate additional brand engagement.

Contact us with questions on data capture options and how we can help you brand your next event.